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Hypnosis works with the mind. We have a conscious and a subconscious. The conscious is a processor and contains short term memories that are “dumped” at the end of each day while you sleep. The subconscious is the part of your mind where all your memories are stored since you came into being. Regression is the method used in reaching those memories to recapture the events of your past lives to help heal your present life. Past Life Regression is similar to the events that took place during your early childhood. At first the memories may be dim and few, but each event remembered sparks another memory and another until your memories begin to flow easily.

Clients come for Past Life Regression Sessions for many different reasons. Some have come out of curiosity and inquisitiveness, others have a deep desire in exploring a whole new dimension to understanding themselves. Many enjoy the experience of tracing their past lives in order to garner deeper and more meaningful spiritual insight.

Have you ever met someone for the first time, yet feel you have known them all your life? Or suddenly drawn to certain places, or have a particular interest in something? Perhaps you take an instant like or dislike to someone? Quite often, groups of interacting souls reincarnate together and take on the roles of relations, friends or even rivals in order for growth, experience and learning. This is known as your soul group which we will visit in your session.

Help for today’s problems:

Many problematic relationship issues, destructive habits and addictions, irrational fears and phobias, physical ailments are rooted in past life experiences. Experiencing a Past Life Regression can heal physical and emotional problems quickly and deeply. Situations that could take years to solve through traditional counseling and therapy – can be healed in one or a few sessions using Past Life Regression.

The Search for Meaning:

Most people believe their life holds a deeper meaning. A Past Life Regression experience can often unleash sources of hidden strength and remove creative blocks. By looking into your Past Life(s), you can begin uncovering the purpose for your life today. By healing and releasing the past you can create an opening to a more purposeful and fulfilling future.

Spiritual Journey:

A Past Life Regression Session always has a profound spiritual impact on a client. Most people find they gain higher wisdom and understanding by visiting past lives. Your ability to perceive becomes clearer and, subsequently life becomes a lot less stressful and the client is able to move forward in their life with more clarity and purpose.

What to Expect:

The client is guided into a very deep rested state. In this state, the client is very close to the subconscious, and it is very easy to find the memories and insights to alleviate the concerns.

There is no floating away, no disappearing and the client is ALWAYS aware and in control. The client will remember everything that happened and be able to recall these memories when they are needed. AT the conclusion of the session, the client will feel relaxed and clear.

Why Does PLR Hypnosis work??

The unknown noise

Past Life Regression works because it alleviates the “Unknown Noise” in your life! Imagine you are in bed, it is a dark night and the wind is howling. You are sleeping and suddenly there is a loud crash that wakes you up! You are terrified….you pull up your bulletproof covers and wait it out until morning after a sleepless night. The next morning you wake up and go outside to discover your neighbor has gotten new metal garbage cans and they blew over in the wind, causing the loud crash. That night, it’s the same scenario…dark and windy, and you hear the same crash. But now you have a clue as to what the noise might be. Your neighbor’s new garbage cans. Just to be sure, you peek outside the curtains and make a profound discovery…the garbage cans have fallen over, causing the loud crash. You get back into bed and go right back to sleep. The next night, same scenario, except when you hear the loud crash this time you don’t even wake up .Why? Because you know what the noise is…you have seen it for yourself. Your aches, pains, fears and phobias are the same…once you have seen what is causing the issue, your body can let go…and you get relief!! Book your session today! Your health is priceless!!


I am happy to do presentations to share this wonderful modality with potential clients! The host is responsible for providing a venue and chairs. It would be ideal if there is a treatment room that I can book sessions in after the presentation. The profits from this will be a percentage for the host from ticket sales and sessions. This is a great way to make your business visible to new clients and get retail customers in as well. I have posters that can be printed and shared on Facebook. The best advertising is usually a Facebook event. I have flexible times and dates available. The regular cost of a 2 hour session is $250. To book a presentation, call 403-318-6773.